Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sure Things

Still polishing, a slow process that fits perfectly into the heated days of July. Reading is my reward. Not research reading. Reading what I fancy.

The latest Lee Child in hardback waits as a special treat.

But I have real life running around to do and need to choose from the paperback TBR pile. I want entertainment - to be swept into a story.

I chose a Rachel Gibson title from my carefully hoarded stack.

Rachel does not disappoint. She's a sure thing for me. I love her voice. I love the predictability of her stories. I know there will be a sexy bad boy hero. I know there will be a slightly off center heroine. I know she will draw both so perfectly I will think of them as a new couple in my neighborhood. I know they'll fall in love. I know they'll be happy even though their happy ending seems impossible. If there are flaws in her stories (no one is perfect) it doesn't matter because I don't notice them.

Tomorrow I start on a vintage Johanna Lindsey Prisoner of My Desire

Ms. Lindsey never disappoints either. The story will whirl me into the past, medieval England complete with a dashing Knight and a desperate lady. I expect to be royally entertained.

How about you - are there authors you autobuy, count on for a good read? Who's on your sure thing list?


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