Monday, November 27, 2006

Writing Life

I've been reading, no this isn't the book report, just an explanation. Last week I eyed the craft book TBR shelf (yes I know I have a book problem) and decided it was high time I got my money's worth out of the how-to-write titles.

I started off with Writing the Breakout Novel, more about that tomorrow. Next came Techniques of the Selling Writer. It's a trade paperback with fine print and lots of information. Mr. Swain makes a good case for eradicating the to be verbs from your writing. He is not alone in his opinion. The same excellent advice is dispensed in Elements of Style and Self-Editing For Fiction Writers. It's a hard concept for me to absorb.

Action verbs and descriptive nouns are the order of the day. And yet, I've read stories full of active sentences and been worn out in the early chapters. A blend perhaps? Advice is all well and good, but no matter how excellent the advice the poor writer is still left with the daunting task of putting it into action.


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