Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reading Report - Into The Storm

Into The Storm, Suzanne Brockman's latest Blend of Team Sixteen SEALS with Troubleshooters (former SEALS)

I enjoy Ms. Brockman's OMG Navy SEALS style very much. Yes there is a certain amount of repetition in her stories. But her enthusiastic style sucks me in and I'm invariably enchanted. There are some of her stories I've re-read.

This story has believable romances woven around very Gamma heroes. These are men to die for, strong, handsome, daring and sensitive, yet human and believable. Ms. Brockman is convincing in her admiration, enthusiasm and entirely credible cast of characters.

This story made me think about the romantic suspense genre and all its varied practitioners. I came to a conclusion. There are writers who write suspense well and there are writers who write romance well. There are no writers who do both equally well.

Readers who enjoy romantic suspense read primarily for one element or the other. They find authors who deliver the preferred ratio. Occasionally, an author succeeds in garnering fans from the other side by virtue of wonderful writing.

Into the Storm is primarily a romance with a suspense element. The suspense element works well. It is woven deftly into both the primary romance and the sub-plot romances. The suspense element, while well done, would not stand alone, the romances would.


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