Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reading Report

Last week I read and e-book. Deadly Games by Jaycee Clark. The beginning was a little slow. This is a common complaint on my part, which I blame on excess movie watching and thriller reading. Impatience with scene setting and backstory is a personal character flaw and one I need to work to overcome. The information given in the opening chapters is vital to understanding the story. I would have preferred it slivered in as needed, but this is a quibble.

After the opening, the story moves swiftly, coming alive with engaging characters, a taut pace and genuine suspense. There's really nothing like reading a new author telling a gripping a story. The unpredictability factor adds delicious tension. This story was one of the best suspense titles I've read in a long time. Technically, it is romantic suspense, but the romance while believable is definitely secondary.

The title is available here as a downloadable file www.newconcepts.com or it may be purchased as a print book here.

Karen Marie Moning's Darkfever was next off the TBR and the sole paranormal title on my shelves. I'm still thinking about this book. But I'll give you my preliminary reactions.

Ms. Moning is one of my very select autobuy authors. She's moved away from her base story of a time travel romance into a new area, which I will categorize as paranormal quest.

Missing from this new adventure are several elements I was fond of: ancient Scotland; romance; and hot sex. Present and fully accounted for is the ancient other world of the fae; a naive heroine; a brooding alpha hero; and a compliment of fully realized villains. This is book one in a new series, book two, Bloodfever is scheduled for release in October.

Ms. Moning's writing voice is in fine form and the story came alive for me. Unlike her earlier books, where each title stood alone quite nicely. This tale ends with more questions than it begins.

I will read the next title, but I feel no compulsion to own it. Darkfever marks first rift in our author/reader relationship. Can she win me back? I suspect I'll have to read the entire series to find the answer.


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