Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Myspace collisions with the real world

Background for those of you not part of Myspace--it is a popular social networking site with 190+ million users. All of them functionally literate with regular access to computers. Like the internet itself, the question isn't if the connections you want are there--the question is how to find them.

Yesterday I stopped by the Captains Blog (Josie Majestic) way too often--riveted by the drama of hurt feelings and angry responses among the hoi polloi of the Myspace bloggers.

The Captain was hurt by Jabs endorsement of a poser. The Captain made a valid point--there are real people behind even the most outrageous blogs. Myspace is not real life. The internet is not real life. Some of it is much more entertaining.

Since the last thing I want to do is offend Myspace friends, I need to go make my profile plainer. The pictures I use in my profile are not me. They are images of my story people. Someday when I have cover art, I’ll use that as my avatar. I’m a writer. I write steamy romantic suspense. I write erotica. I write sexy fantasies. I’m here for networking, for entertainment--yours and mine. I’m not looking for real life relationships--just readers and fun.

In real life, I have a husband, children, pets, house, garden, and a passion to create good stories.

Unlike some of the glamorous bloggers who live exciting lives in the 3-D world I don’t. Despite my mundane existence, I’m over-committed. I’m a workaholic and I have no desire to change. I’m obsessive, often cranky, and irrational about a great many things--mainly relating to the amount of things, which are possible to accomplish in any given length of time.

Currently, I’m spending lots of time trying to figure out an effective no-cost marketing plan. Remember that girl Emily? With her billboards and blog? Very effective in terms of generating interest and buzz. Did it translate to viewers for the show? I don’t know. I do know that I want to attract readers who will enjoy the kind of stories I write. Sounds simple, huh?


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