Sunday, July 29, 2007

Publication Quest

Made it through the first pass of the current story. There are still scenes to add--but only a couple and they are at least sketched in. Setting, details, lots of stuff still needs work but the big changes are in place. The story is alive in my head again. The niggling formatting issues are cleaned up since I know what publisher gets this story is going and I have their style sheet! Already pitched the lovely editor and she said go for it.

Current year's goals updated

1) Continue to study and learn the craft of writing.
2) Three submissions – done – follow up with a sequels* to each-- two sequels in progress!
3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

1) Reading craft stuff -- Painless Grammer-- very elemental makes me feel smart!

2) Six submissions sent! Two novels, one novella x two, and one short x two


One sale – three rejections – two waiting to hear from the publishers


Number one: resting (revisions next year?)

Number two: Sold! Tasteful acquiring editor explained it will be months before an editor is assigned to work with me ... actual release date? Some time next year is my best guess.

Number three: Resubmitted--new estimated response time--four to six weeks

Number four: Resubmitted – new estimated response time – five weeks--eleven months one week **

TBR shelves are substantially cleaned up-culled never to be read titles, and read a couple. Didn’t buy any books all week! I realize it’s only one week but I need to celebrate the little steps.

*Yes, I do admit this is an insane plan, but I need to stay busy. If I have idle time I become even more neurotic and imagine unpleasant things. Far better to put my twisted mind to work developing more dangerously sexy stories.

** Tasteful review editor wrote that she liked it and moved it to acquiring editor’s inbox. Sadly, acquiring editor’s inbox is overflowing


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