Thursday, July 26, 2007


I have few talents--come to think of it I don’t have talents. Not the singing, dancing, or artistic kind at least. Everything I do reasonably well, I worked my butt off to learn. Sometimes all the effort in the world doesn't help. Singing is like that for me. I love music and I enjoy singing. Pity. I know better than to subject others to my lack of musicality. But puttering around the house or garden when there is no one around to offend--why not?

The dog before the current spoiled puppy sang with me. In fact, I taught her to sing for a treat. If I sang then she would tip back her head and howl--sirens always got her going too. So I tried to teach holy terror puppy the same trick. I started the howling and she trotted over with a worried look on her face to give me kisses, obviously believing I was suffering serious pain. I decided to cancel her singing lessons and stick with obedience basics for now.

Yesterday, I was working in the yard and began to sing, Night and Day. The pup came trotting over, looking very concerned, and then began licking my face. I stopped singing and she wandered off to chase butterflies. I started singing and she ran over to make it all better with more dog kisses. No more singing in the garden.


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