Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad boys part two

Bad boys taught me about sex - of course. Who else?

They taught me some real useful stuff too. How to drive. How to hotwire a car, pick a lock, siphon gas, play poker, hunt, fish, maintain a car, clean, and cook. Some of these basic survival skills I don’t use much any more. Some I’ve refined--mainly the cooking and cleaning.

What is it that makes bad boys sooo irresistible? They’re smart, strong, the very best of men but wild and uncivilized. They appeal to the healer/nurturer side of good women. It’s not sensible, it’s not safe, it’s not even sane. But there it is--the lure of being the one woman who could heal his wounds and tame him.

The appeal of the bad boy is exactly the same as the appeal of the wild stallion (usually black) that only the little girl has a magical connection with and can ride.

I have a soft spot for bad boys, no doubt about it. I even married one. What makes a bad boy marriage material? An honorable core. Deep down underneath all that smoldering attitude is a nice guy. Early on when I was just learning about men and life I wasn’t any good at seeing past the exterior, which made trying to tame bad boys a dangerous game.

It was sheer luck, finding a bad boy who was at heart a wonderful man.


Blogger Lori Borrill said...

I have such a hard time reconciling "Dangerously Sexy" who ran around chasing after bad boys with the sweet woman in the picture wearing a pretty hat and braid. LOL! I absolutely love that.

My appeal when it comes to bad boys is the idea that they've become bad because they are somehow wounded. It's the eternal female nurturer, wanting to heal everything broken. He's turned his back on society because at some point society turned it's back on him. Yup, that's incredibly sexy.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Lori that's my fancy gardening hat, and you're right my preferred reality is a long ways from the stories I write or read for that matter. LOL

Fortunately for me I settled down to live a sensible life eventually. BTW I agree about the appeal of bad boys--they cry out for the love of a good woman. ;)

8:21 AM  

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