Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been polishing and submitting for a couple of weeks now--not done either. I have the current project to wrap up tonight, and then the entry for Harlequin's Instant Seduction contest.

Yeah, I do know it's likely a pointless exercise. But I do not regard writing good stories as a waste of time whether or not they find instant favor with a particular editor on any given day. Besides, this is the third time I've entered a Harlequin contest, maybe I've learned something!

Anyway, my mind is crumbling from trying to hold too many different story strands in too short a period of time.

I find myself sitting and staring blankly as happens when I'm in overload mode. I ponder the time difference between Seattle and Paris. Going, I think I lose eight hours and returning I gain the same amount of time. Sometimes I can't think of single word of French other times French is only the language in my head--not a lot of help if you're trying to write in English.

Then I wonder about other things, like why so many of my favorite writers are in Texas. Not all of course, waving to my California friends, and there are some lovely writers right here in the Pacific Northwest. But there is something about Texas . . . .

Back to inserting just a tiny bit more of my heroine's past into the current story.


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