Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Life

This time of year, modest daisies, all volunteers fill the frontyard border with cheery blooms.

June belongs to the roses, reminding me why I have so many of these pampered prima donas. This one is Buff Beauty, a hybrid musk on her own roots. She’s roughly nine feet high and darn near as wide. This view is from the tiny deck just off my office. Winding through the fragrant rose blooms is the handsome clematis Jackmanii.

Underneath Buff Beauty is a shady corner populated with astrantia major, “Shaggy” along with some volunteer centaureas, one of the dryopertis ferns , a forget-me-not or two, and some Lady’s Mantle, achilles molis. Mother Nature does a lot of gardening around here. But, I get credit for recognizing her genius and fostering the plantings.


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