Thursday, August 03, 2006

Doubt Devils

Doubting your ability to write, your ability to succeed, your ability to create a story worthy of print bedevils lots of us. My struggle with self-doubt is at the root of the most insidious forms of writer's block. The little voice inside that whispers or shouts - depending on the mood of moment - give it up, you'll never be good enough.

One of the things that helps me keep going is the knowledge I'm in great company. Karen Marie Moning talked about her feelings of having been a five book wonder while working on book six. Jennifer Crusie has written of her feelings of despair over every book. Kafka burned most of his work as worthless trash.

The kindness of my peers, other aspiring writers, doesn't dissipate self-doubt. Romance writers are mostly all women, careful of feelings and born nurturers. They are expert at finding something nice to say about even the worst blobs of purple prose.


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