Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reading report

I've slipped back into reader mode. With everyone involved in romance publishing recovering from the RWA National conference or on vacation, the feeling of urgency about getting the next book written is missing in action. The TBR piles are shrinking.

Last night I polished off Jennifer Greene's Broken Blossom a vintage Silhouette Intimate Moment title.
For the bargain price of one penny plus shipping you can enjoy a romantic classic. So why isn't this story a perennial re-issue with MIRA or one of the savvy publisher's other vehicles? It is because they believe they have more lucrative options. Publishing is a business. Like other creative enterprises it's easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the product and lose sight of the objective. Businesses exist to make money. That's it - there's no other reason. If they don't make money they don't continue to exist. Profit to a business is what air is humans - essential. Ms. Greene is having a successful career as a romance writer. She certainly doesn't need my cheer leading. Yet, I can't help wonder why she's not better known. Linda Howard's classic Duncan's Bride
Was promoted on the inside back cover of Broken Blossom. The two writers have individual voices, but at that point in time stood side by side. One went on to be a superstar the other continues a lustrous mid-list career.

What makes the difference? Hard work? Talent? Sorry - no - the only answer I have is fairy dust. There are lots of good writers, hardworking, personable, with voices that readers embrace. Once in while the fates smile. The combination of story, voice and timing combine into something more and another star is born.

Since I have no control over fairy dust, timing, reader preference or darn near anything - I have to polish away on my one little corner of the whole. The only part I can influence - the good story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how I want some fairy dust. If only we could buy it or something.

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