Thursday, August 31, 2006

Market trends

I’d have to be living in the bat cave to have missed that paranormal is hot.

Yesterday really brought just how hot the supernatural craze is home. While I was out grocery shopping a stand alone display of Nora Robert’s Morrigan’s Cross winked at me from the aisle next to the new shipment of Tuscan cantaloupes.

When even Nora is crafting Vampire stories I feel very out of it. Am I the only reader in the blogasphere that dislikes paranormal romances? There are exceptions. I’ve run across paranormals so well written that I enjoyed them in spite of the story choice, not many and not enough to make me a fan.

I’m sure there are readers who threaten to gag if they ever read another regency. I know there are those who will not crack the spine on a romantic suspense title. Selfishly, I hope the publishing industry keeps supplying the reading public with variety.


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