Monday, February 19, 2007

Writing Life

At first glance, writing seems like a good career choice for the shy and retiring. Easy to hide behind stories. But stories are at their heart full of emotional truth and the only well of emotional truth that the poor writer has to draw upon is the murky depths of her own soul.

At least mine are murky.

No doubt some of you have clear running streams, or babbling brooks, or refreshing mountain springs at your center.

Too bad for you.

Nice and normal is great for living. But it makes a dull story. Readers want drama. The way you get drama is conflict. Conflict isn't nice, it isn't safe, and sure as hell isn't pretty.

It's not the suffering, terror or pain that rivets readers. It's hope. But if all is well in the story world then there's nothing to hope for and nothing to much to say.

Despite my murky center, actually getting conflict written compellingly is formidable challenge.


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