Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reading Report

More inroads into the TBR shelves at this rate I'll get to buy a book without guilty twinges in a couple of years. ;)

First up a beloved Presents - Annie West's A Mistress For The Taking . Oooh it's simply yummy. This is Ms. West's debut book at least for this line and it's scrumptious. The only downside to reading this perfect gem of passionate romance is the I'm-not-worthy fog of depression that descends. A feeling that convinces me I am insane to even submit to the same editors who handle Ms. West's manuscripts.

Next Loretta Chase's Mr. Impossible. An entirely different kind of book, but equally perfect in its own unique fashion. Aside from being a regency set in Egypt, the romance reminds me of the movie African Queen. In that classic movie Katherine Hepburn played a missionary's sister who, due to desperate circumstances, winds up traveling up river with an unrepentant sinner played by Humphrey Bogart. They were hopelessly mismatched from the start and in very grim circumstances. Of course they fell madly in love. Mr. Impossible has a similar pairing. The heroine, a missionary's widow and a devoted sister extracts the the hero,a reckless sinner and fourth son of a long suffering Earl, from an infamous Cairo prison. Naturally it follows that they are beset by dire circumstances and fall in love. Good stuff.


Blogger Annie West said...

Hi Evanne, how terrific to be featured in your blog - and especially since my book is partnered with the divine 'Mr Impossible'! That's a perfect choice as it's one of my all time favourite romances. Rupert Carsington is just fantastic.

Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm for 'A Mistress for the Taking'. To have my debut story described as 'scrumptious' is so wonderful.

But that feeling you mention - wondering if you should submit your manuscript - ignore it! Goodness, the number of times I've felt exactly that after reading a great story... I spent far too long targeting my stories to another line because I didn't think I could be a Presents author. If that's the sort of story you love, go for it.

Good luck with your manuscripts!

All the best,

2:49 AM  
Blogger Evanne said...

Thank you for stopping by Annie. Writing seems to be addictive - if I could give it up I likely would do something more sensible. :)

I'm so glad you persisted.

7:01 AM  

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