Sunday, June 24, 2007

Publication Quest

In a few months I'll have to rename this blog feature, Publication News ! Signed and sent off the official contract, artwork questionaire, blurbs. Exciting stuff!

Got a lovely rejection, yes that does sound like a contradiciton. But it truly was very kind and included an invitation to submit something else. I’m gnashing my teeth because I can only work on one thing at a time and have nothing to send her at the moment. Later, it is the best I can do.

In the meantime, I’d revised the story I submitted (saving the submitted version of course) and felt it now fit another excellent publisher even better. Re-submitted it the same day I received the rejection.

Back to work on the next Dangerous story. When it’s time for this one to rest, between the first and second drafts – then I’ll have a go at a new story for the second tasteful editor.

Current year's goals updated

1) Continue to study and learn the craft of writing.

2) Three submissions – done – follow up with a sequels to each *

3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

1) Read craft stuff – I think I’m addicted to this too!

Five submissions sent! Two novels, one novella x 2, and one short

Status: One sale – two rejections – two waiting to hear from the publishers


Number Two: Sold!

Number three: Two months three weeks - estimated response time from publisher none**

Number four: Rejected and resubmitted – new estimated response time – one to twelve months

*Yes, I do admit this is an insane plan, but I need to stay busy. If I have idle time I become even more neurotic and imagine unpleasant things. Far better to put my twisted mind to work developing more dangerously sexy stories.

**Publisher did acknowledge the submission, but included a warning not to contact them about submissions to this line. IMHO Three months is long enough for them to have an exclusive.

TBR stack is even – bought a book, read a book . . .


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