Monday, June 18, 2007

Writing life

A huge thank you to all my visitors and commenters for the support. The amazing community of women friends s one of the most delightful surprises about romance writing. There's no group anywhere who are as much fun and who totally understand all the angst and neurotic behavior.

I'm working on the sequel, but real life keeps interfering with my production. It dawned on me as I was drifting off to sleep that while I've plotted a good story, I left out the romance. Now I'm thinking about how my couple are going to fall in love especially when they are in such danger and have so little reason to trust each other. The pressure cooker effect of events should work to accelerate the romance if I can get it going to begin with, but there are serious conflicts to overcome. With all the natural barriers between this couple I need some serious motivation for them to get involved in a sexual relationship. Hmmm.

If I hadn't been down this road a time or two I would think motivating characters was a simple thing - after all I create them. They damn well better behave themselves and think and do as I want them to. However it all has to make sense and first of all it has to make sense to me before I can tell their story.


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