Saturday, June 30, 2007

Writing Life

I'm reading two books ... when I'm supposed to be editing one and writing at least one. Bad writer!

Back when I got paid to go to work in an office I used to always read two books at a time. One audio book, for commute entertainment--an excellent plan, it makes traffic snarls if not fun, at least tolerable,and another book for the chapter, or two or three, before bed. In those days I wrote in the wee hours of the morning and after dinner. The evening book was my treat for achieving the day's word count.

Yes, very nerdy. But I am, what did you expect? ;)

Writing more of the time cut into reading. But then a bad thing happened, I discovered ebooks so now I'm back reading two books - a little computer book(Angel Eyes by Jaycee Clark), a little print book (Fox River by Emile Richards) and it's all good.

One strange coincidence, both books deal with eyes. In entirely different ways, but still, this factor adds an extra layer of pleasure to two entirely different but riveting authors.


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just when I thought blogspot was working ...

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