Sunday, July 22, 2007

Publication Quest

A big part of success in getting published is finding a good match between your story and the publisher. This is why you hear, right editor, right day so often in writers’ loops. There’s truth to it, timing is a big factor. But here’s what all editors are looking for--stories that will sell well. That’s the editor’s job to acquire the best stories she can for her publisher.

This is why the already successful author has a big edge. So what is an aspiring writer to do? I suspect we each have to find our own answer to this question.

Here’s what I do. Work on becoming a better writer--not a goal but an endless journey and look at which publishers, and or editors I like. No two writers are alike but you can probably come up with a few that are sort of like you that you admire and enjoy, Who publishes them? Who edits them? Who represents them? They might like you too. If you’re pitching to an editor who is looking for your kind of story you’re miles ahead of the game.

BTW, despite what the word meter says I’m making progress on the revising. I may not have a lot more words but many more the current words are the right ones.

This week brought another rejection, I’d almost forgotten it. They’re still not fun mind you. But when I submit to a line that I know has it’s pick of brand name authors, then I’m prepared for the thanks-for-thinking-of-us letter.

Current year's goals updated

1) Continue to study and learn the craft of writing.

2) Three submissions – done – follow up with a sequels* to each-- two sequels in progress!

3) In roads into the TBR shelves

Progress report

1) Reading craft stuff -- character related

Six submissions sent! Two novels, one novella x two, and one short x two

Status: One sale – three rejections – two waiting to hear from the publishers


Number one: resting (revisions next year?)

Number two: Sold! Tasteful acquiring editor explained it will be months before an editor is assigned to work with me ... actual release date? Some time next year is my best guess.

Number three: Resubmitted--new estimated response time--five to seven weeks

Number four: Resubmitted – new estimated response time – six weeks--eleven months two weeks **

TBR shelves is even (as long as I don’t count the virtual shelf, which is growing) – reading two books (one print, one virtual - very slowly) I may as well admit I cheated to keep the stack even I took three books that I’m never going to read off the TBR shelves since I sent away for three, okay four, books that I’m positive I want to read.

*Yes, I do admit this is an insane plan, but I need to stay busy. If I have idle time I become even more neurotic and imagine unpleasant things. Far better to put my twisted mind to work developing more dangerously sexy stories.

** Tasteful review editor wrote that she liked it and moved it on to acquiring editor’s inbox. Sadly, acquiring editor’s inbox is overflowing


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