Monday, July 16, 2007

Writing life

Like every other newbie writer, I'm trying to figure out promotion. What works, what's worth my time and money .... Dunno.

Conventional wisdom says I must at least have bookmarks. Hmmm, okay I'm new and I'm sometimes absolutely thick but what the heck am I gonna do with bookmarks? Aside from admiring them, paying for them, and finding a place for the box that holds them?

Hello, e-published book relates to paper bookmark--how?

Now here's something I think would be truly worthwhile--an e-book mark. Ideally a small program that I can give to readers that works with either PDF or HTM or Doc (pick your format) files and holds the reader's place. Graphics,tag lines, and URLs when you move it or roll over it. When not in use it would stay on screen off to the side of the virtual page. Click and drag of course.

This opportunity free to any ambitious programmers out there. Though, it would be nice if you gave me free lifetime bookmarks .... Seriously there's an unmet need for virtual bookmarks - I read e-books and I have to write the page number I left off at on a sticky note. Gotta be a better way.


Blogger Evanne said...

One of my cyber friends tells me Microsoft's reader has bookmarks - but do they have glitter graphics? LOL

6:29 AM  

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