Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reading report

I'm reading two books again ..., yes, and it gets worse. Yesterday one of the books called to me and I weakened. Great for the author--bad for me. I'm comforting myself for the lack of discipline with the thought I'm learning from a master. Justification is a great thing - kind of like motivation for characters. If I really work on it I can absolve my self from just about anything.

The book did not pull me in from page one, but it led me gently into the story world effectively enough so I kept reading--pleased with my choice. A character based story conflict (my favorite kind), likable characters, a story world that is exotic to me (Virginia fox hunting estates), and, of course, lovely writing. Even with all these elements going for Fox River, I found it easy to resist reading until my words were done, making the book suitable as a nightly reward.

However, as the story went on my investment in the characters increased making it more and more difficult to put down. Will I read Ms.Richards again? Certainly. But I will save her next title for a reward read. One I open only when the current project is completed.


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