Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

Last month, I read a book about what men want when it comes to sex. The author did her research well and the number of men who responded to her questionnaire was a more than adequate sample, from a statistical point of view.

If you're interested here's an Amazon link.

Fascinating reading, but maybe not as useful as what women want--particularly in a hero. Personally, I read a wide spectrum of romance and non-romance and there are several different hero flavors I enjoy. The dark tortured guy is definitely on my short list. And I've thought about why that is so appealing. It's a very romantic fantasy--the one woman who can heal his wounded heart.

Some of my all-time favorite romances are either loved or hated depending on the critics preferences. But, I'm thinking the real secret to selling the dark hero is the writer's skill. The star of Lord of Scoundrels, Sebastian Balister is a womanizer, arrogant, and unrepentant about his bad behavior (at least in the beginning). And yet this remains one of the best of loved romance novels of all time, due to the magic of Ms. Chase's skillful prose.

So tell me what are your favorite kind of heroes and, of course, why.


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