Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reading report - Shadow Soldier

Dana Marton wrote a Harlequin Intrigue that hit all the right notes. The opening tested this reader’s credibility by having a single agent on bodyguard duty 24/7, but it worked for the story. I read patiently on.

The story progressed nicely with a sketched threat of appropriate menace. The sexual tension crackled between the protagonists. Threats to the heroine’s life uped the stakes. The couple was on the run. The standard elements were handled well, acting as familiar landmarks.

The suspense was light. The sex was light too. The story moved rapidly and the characters were believable. The balance between suspense and romance was just right. Obviously, other readers thought so too. This was book one in the Shadow series.

Ms. Marton’s early books are no longer available new. Used copies are available on Amazon.


Blogger Elle said...

I used to love suspenseful movies, but, in Southern parlayance, "my nerves got too bad," and I couldn't wait for the ending. I read lots of Intrigues as a substitute--I loved the Colby Agency ones.

Now, I only vaguely remember reading...

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