Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reading Report

Last week I had a little Blaze fest starting off with It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life by Hope Tarr

This is Ms. Tarr's debut Blaze, an extreme presumably for the paranormal element. Despite the title, the plot is closer to one Magic Christmas. It is a do-over fantasy.

My favorite part of the book was the heroine. And this from a hero driven reader. Not that there was anything wrong with the hero. He was suitably hunky and heroic. In fact all the characters were well drawn and believable. But the heroine was oh so human and fresh. The kind of woman you want to cheer for.

Next I gobbled up Untouched by Samantha Hunter another extreme Blaze. And again I connected with the slightly paranoid, slightly twisted heroine. And a bonus creepy villain. Is this heroine connection a new trend for me or for the line? Dunno.

Last but best of all was another debut Blaze. Private Confessions by Lori Borrill. This is what I expect in a Blaze. It's young, hip, urban, romantic and blazing hot with a great emotional connection between the couple. I loved the human, but of course, hunky hero a nice guy who is justifiably wary of the heroine. Again all the characters were well drawn and credible. I'm just partial to hunky heroes. The heroine's supportive family was another nice touch.


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