Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reading Report

Mutliple reads again this week as I make inroads into the TBR shelves. ;)

Christina Skye's Code Name Baby was first. I enjoyed the story. Super-intelligent lab puppies, a plucky heroine and a wounded warrior hero made for a lively pace and engaging read. I even enjoyed the villain, who had more than one facet and a credible motive. The ending felt rushed to me, but this title is part of series, necessitating the setup for the next book at the end.

Situation Out of Control , a Harlequin Intrigue, by Debra Webb was the next title read. It was well written, and well plotted with nice characterization for a short book. The story hooked me with a sympathetic heroine, though it was more the hero's story. His problems were so severe I was not entirely satisfied with the resolution. Despite this flaw the story moved well and Ms. Webb retains her recommended reading status with me.

Penny Jordan's The Christmas Bride, a Harlequin Presents was the last if the week's titles. A sparkling wine flavored truffle of of story with a slightly more modern version of the suspicious hero and an engagingly franky heroine. The black moment was nicely foreshadowed, and yet genuinely worrisome. The resolution masterful.


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