Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reading and writing

I've been nibbling away at Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women. Sadly, I had to set down the fiction books. They're good. Too good, I find their stories coming alive in mind and my little brain can only handle one story at a time. It needs to be the one I'm writing.

The hero in my current story is unhappy - nothing wrong with a moody, wounded hero. But this one is irritatingly unhappy. Then late last night his primary defect popped into my head. When I first started this particular book, I was trying to write a more modern, politically correct kind of hero. The kind of guy we want in real life--sensitive, considerate, nice sense of humor, supportive. Great--boyfriend material but not my idea of romantic hero.

I know the Beta boys and Gamma guys have their fans. But the only fantasy I can write well is one I believe in and it has nothing to do with real life. The hero is an Alpha, arrogant, smart, strong, and unreasonable. Frequently, he comes moody, hot-tempered, or down right mean. Of course he has a heart of pure gold buried under all that surly rippling maleness, but unlocking that heart requires a woman of great honor and courage. Since the current heroine is a warrior princess in her own right, she needs an even stronger hero. Not a sensitive soul--best friend kind of guy.

Back to making my namby-pamby dude into an irresistible man.


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