Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Market trends

Trends in the market what’s hot, what’s dead, is a continuous low level buzzing that ebbs and swells occasionally bumping into my self-absorbed imaginary world. This week I read a few discussions on erotic elements, the demand for more sex scenes, hotter sex scenes and laments about poor writing in the erotica market offerings.

An uneasy feeling infiltrates my haze. Writers, maybe more than most, live in sheltered communities. Romance writers in particular read each other, whether in print, audio or blog form. We all nod and agree with the current pronouncements. After all they reflect our views. Surely, poor writing will be punished. Everyone agrees. Scan through all the comments, almost all the other romance writers agree. Isn’t that everybody?

Um, no. What about the readers who are still flocking to buy the latest politically incorrect undead jerky hero? Maybe they aren’t keeping up with truth as preached from every romance writer’s blog. Maybe they’re busy downloading smut because they like smut. Maybe they don’t give a damn about good writing.

Critics, English professors and the intelligentsia have deplored the state of popular literature for a long time. Doesn’t have any noticeable effect on what sells. For those interested in selling it pays to be realistic about the market.


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