Saturday, July 07, 2007

Writing life

So here I am writing away on my new Dangerous story. When a couple of things rattle around in my head and I realize the ending is wrong. Why is my lovely, already envisioned, ending wrong? Because I'm writing book three of the trilogy. The plotted final chapter belongs to book two but the rest of this story needs to be the final book.

Whenever I create a story and populate it with people, the deeper I get into the story world the more real everything becomes, at least in my own rather overtaxed brain. More depth of character means more backstory for me. Most of this never makes it on to the finished page. All this lovely detail is filed away and pretty soon one story becomes a series.

So far, I've only written two stand alone stories and one of those could easily become book two in series. The other is a true stand alone. I'm sure with a little thought it too could bloom into one of group. Why? I have no idea. It is simply the way my head works. My favorites have always been series both as a reader and as a writer. One book is never enough for characters and a story world I adore.


Blogger Evanne said...

There's a draw back to the current plan - isn't there always this book is not formatted correctly. Some things are easy fixes, some are really picky. Lots of weaving in plot and characters and continuty--but I have a vision of the trilogy and revising this book is essential.

7:33 AM  

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