Friday, January 25, 2008

Writing life

I don't know why I bother making plans. Because I never stick to them. Just the other day, I promised myself no new writing projects this year. There's already plenty to do. And it's not as if I have a great excuse--like an editor saying I love this--can you do another one like it?

What has happened is I'm between projects--I could work on one of the WIP manuscripts. But it takes time to get into a story world, does me anyway. I only have a week. What I can do in a week is plot a story, create the first layer of the characters who tell that story, craft a setting that serves both the plot and the characters. And this is one of my favorite things to do....

So weak-willed, for the minute I've talked myself out of playing with a shiny new story. If I get my chores done I can tinker with one of the already started projects. At least I'll get my writing fix.


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